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Donor Advisory Group (DAG) - Heads of Mission (HoMs)



The DAG - Heads of Mission (HoMs) will be chaired by the Prime Minister and will meet as needed. The 'Prime Minister’s DAG' will advise the Palestinian Government on any development-related issue that require attention, and in particular those related to the formulation, assessment and revision of the National Policy Agenda (NPA). Apart from the PMO and the new Ministry of Finance and Planning (MOFP), the DAG will consist of Heads of Mission of 12 development partner agencies, and would call on senior Palestinian Government officials as required.[1] Each participating institution would send only one representative to any DAG meeting.



Chair: Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)

Deputy Chair: MoFP

Members: the main donors and other ministries will be invited as needed



[1]Norway, UNSCO, the European Union, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the United States, the Office of the Quartet, Japan, Germany, Sweden, France and the United Kingdom. 

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