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Government Coordination Committee


Objective and role

The reformed Local Aid Coordination Structure (LACS) has been adopted by the Cabinet on 10 October 2017 and came into effect on 1 January 2018. The new structure aims to ensure Palestinian ownership of the local aid coordination system, and to reflect the priorities of the National Policy Agenda (NPA), while maintaining strong donor engagement.

Under the new structure, The Government Coordination Committee has been established, constituted only of Palestinian Government representatives.  It is the main coordination platform for discussing aid management on the government side.  It ensures harmonization of positioning of the government with donors, and alignment of aid with NPA and sector strategies’ implementation.

The Government Committee’s role includes the following:

  • Ensure convergence between Palestinian development priorities and the Sector Working Groups’ (SWG) work.

  • Discuss policy, institutional and substantive issues relevant to the work of all SWG including cross-cutting issues.

  • Discuss relevant policy or strategic issues related to the relations with specific partners and donors, of interest of several area/Sectors.

  • Raise any issue, suggestions, advice to be brought to the attention of the DAG HoC notably regarding issues of a multi-sectorial, strategic character that cut across the work of various SWGs;

  • Raise any issue and suggestions to be brought by the PMO to the attention of the LACS Co-Chairs, on behalf of the Committee.

  • Promote coherence and coordination of the Palestinian Institutions with the relevant stakeholders (Palestinian and other national institutions, donors, international organizations, NGOs, private sector).


The Government Coordination Committee is composed of the Government Coordinators of each Sector Working Groups.

The Government Coordinator is the Senior Official responsible for all issues related to international aid management and development within his/her Ministry/Government Authority,   and who has a leading role in coordinating the Sector Working Groups work and outcomes. The Coordinator is at the Deputy Minister or Director General Level.

Chair and Deputy Chair

The Meeting is Chaired by the Prime Minister’ s Office who will prepare the documents, follow-up on the discussions and decisions and communicate the relevant information to the DAG HoC and to the Co-Chairs of the LACS Structure. 

The Deputy Chair is the Ministry of Finance and Planning. It will closely assist the Chair in its functions. Chair and Deputy Chair will regularly meet to ensure efficient preparation and coordination of the Committee.


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