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Environment Sector Working Group (EnSWG)

The EnSWG addresses environmental management and protection issues with emphasis on institutional and capacity development for environmental management and protection, desertification, pollution control, climate change, early warning and emergency response, environmental monitoring and awareness, protection of natural resources and hazardous waste. EnSWG is complementing and integrating the work of other SWGs and not seeking to overlap or take over responsibilities.

The Environmental Sector Working Group (EnSWG) fulfils the following functions and tasks:

1. Supports the preparation of PA future strategies, plans and programmes:

  • Supports the development and updating of environmental sector strategies and plans
  • Ensures that environmental issues and considerations are integrated into other national sector plans and policies
  • Carries out a coordinated and strategic dialogue between the PA, the donors and international community on environment and sustainable development

2. Supports and reviewsthe implementation process of the PA national plans and its programmes at the national and sectoral level: 

  • Aligns donor support and assistance in the field of environmental management and protection based on PA national plans priorities.
  • Coordinates and harmonises donor assistance to create synergy between donor-funded projects and to avoid duplication as well as gaps.
  • Provides guidance and coordinates analytical work, reviews, as well as related missions and visits
  • Develops and ensures effective communication among PA agencies, EnSWG members, other sector working groups, and civil society organizations.
  • Supports the PA in participating in international and regional environmental forums and conventions and assist them to access associated cooperation and funds.

The EnSWG reports to the Infrastructure Strategy Group (ISG) on a regular basis.

Membership in the group is limited to donors and other institutions (e.g. non-governmental organizations) who can add substantial financial or analytical value, as well as relevant PA institutions.


Co-Chairs: Environment Quality Authority (EQA) and Sweden
Technical Advisor: United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
PA institutions: Ministry of Planning and Administrative Development (MoPAD), Ministry of Agriculture (MoA), Ministry of Local Government (MoLG), Palestinian Water Authority (PWA), The Applied Research Institute Jerusalem (ARIJ)

Donors: Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Italy, Japan, Office of the European Union Representative (EUREP), Spain, Switzerland. 
Secretariat: Local Aid Coordination Secretariat (LACS)

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