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Local Aid Coordination Secretariat (LACS)

The Local Aid Coordination Secretariat (LACS) supports local aid coordination structures in the State of Palestine in providing coherent technical assistance and financial support to the Palestinian people based on national priorities and in line with the OECD-DAC Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness of 2005.

The predecessor of LACS was established in May 2002 as the Local Aid Coordination Committee (LACC) Secretariat and was co-chaired by UNSCO and the World Bank. The LACS itself was created following a decision by the Ad-hoc Liaison Committee (AHLC) in December 2005.

Guided by the four Co-Chairs of the LDF and working in close cooperation with the eight Co-Chairs of the four Strategy Groups, the LACS is responsible for ensuring that the various local aid coordination bodies work smoothly together and increase aid effectiveness. LACS facilitates and provides technical support to the work of the Local Development Forum (LDF), the four Strategy Groups (SGs) and related Sector Working Groups (SWGs) and functions as the secretariat of the Task Force on Project Implementation (TFPI). It promotes transparency and synergy by serving as an information hub (e.g. by collecting and presenting information on ongoing and envisaged donor support, by providing and disseminating information on aid coordination activities, by disseminating minutes of meetings, reports and other relevant information). For these purposes it maintains the web portals for LDF and LACS, issues Daily Updates and a bi-weekly Newsletter.

The Secretariat currently has four Aid Coordination Officers, each supporting one of the four SGs. LACS staff also provide support to the work of the LDF and TFPI. LACS and its seven staff are sponsored/funded by Norway, World Bank, UNSCO, and Netherlands. The work of these structures is further supported by four Strategy Group Coordinators provided by the World Bank, European Commission and UNSCO.


Name Title Area of Responsibility E-mail Phone
Bushra Mukbil Head of Office   bmukbil@lacs.ps

02-2976330 ext 102

Aid Coordination Officer - Economic Economic Policy , Micro and Small Finance Task Force, Fiscal, Private Sector and Agriculture
ext 106

Aid Coordination Officer - Governance Governance, Security, Public Administration, Justice and Elections

ext 103

Ureib Amad
Aid Coordination Officer - Social Development Social Development, Social Protection, Humanitarian, Health, and Education uamad@lacs.ps  02-2976330
ext 115

Aid Coordination Officer - Infrastructure Infrastructure, Municipal Development and Local Government, Water, Environment and Energy

02-2976330 ext 112


Mervat Khoury Senior Administrative Officer Administration secretariat@lacs.ps 02-2976330
ext 101

Samaher Zaben Information Management Officer 

Information Management  

szaben@lacs.ps 02-2976330 ext 104

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