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Social Protection SWG

Social Protection Sector Working Group (SPSWG)

The main purpose of the SPSWG is to act as a coordination forum between the PA and donors. It serves as a platform for discussing policy priorities, progress in implementation of the programs of the National Policy Agenda 2017 - 2022related to social protection.

The key functions of the HSWG are as follows:


  • assist donors in aligning assistance in relation to national plans (PRDP) and strategies for the sector;

  • support the development and updating of sector strategies within the framework of national plans and budgets;

  • coordinate and harmonize donor assistance to prevent duplication;

  • carry out coordinated and strategic dialogue with the purpose of identifying PA priorities and the           readiness/availability of the donor community to fund related programmes;

  • function as the main source of information for social protection needs and achievements, donor funding and gaps;

  • develop joint indicators and sector reviews for sector monitoring and programme-based approaches.


The SPSWG has identified three issues as key elements for a comprehensive social protection system: income transfer schemes (including food aid, cash assistance and job creation programmes); a poverty reduction strategy and its monitoring; and a social welfare programme (including social services, aid to persons with disabilities, payment of health insurance premiums, youth services and economic empowerment).

The SPSWG has set up a social protection web portal for the purpose of compiling maintaining a case management system for vulnerable and social hardship cases.

Membership in the group is limited to relevant donors and other institutions (e.g. relevant non-governmental organizations) who can add substantial financial or analytical value, as well as relevant PA institutions.


Chair: Ministry of Social Development (MoSD)

Deputy Chair: Office of the European Union Representative (EUREP) 

Technical Advisor: United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Donors: EUREP, Canada, Finland, Spain, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, USA

UN Agencies: ILO, UNICEF, UNRWA World Bank
PA institutions: MoFP, MoH, MoWA, MoEHE
Private Sector: pal-chambers

NGO representatives: USC, MHPSS

Secretariat: Local Aid Coordination Secretariat (LACS)