Local Development Forum
Water SWG

Water Sector Working Group (WSWG)

The main purpose of the WSWG is to act as a forum for information-sharing and coordination between donors and the PA related to water and sanitation as well as the priorities and strategies of PWA in this sector. This group covers issues such as water supply (water resource development, bulk water supply, local distribution networks) and water quality (waste water collection and treatment).

The key functions of the WS SWG are as follows:

·         assist donors in aligning assistance in relation to national plans and strategies for the sector;

·         support the development and updating of sector strategies within the framework of national plans and budgets;

·         coordinate and harmonize donor assistance to prevent duplication;

·         carry out coordinated and strategic dialogue with the purpose of identifying PA priorities and the readiness/availability of the donor community to fund related programmes;

·         function as the main source of information for needs and achievements, donor funding and gaps in water and sanitation;

·         develop joint indicators and sector reviews for sector monitoring and programme-based approaches.

Membership in the group is limited to relevant donors and other institutions (e.g. relevant non-governmental organizations) who can add substantial financial or analytical value, as well as relevant PA institutions.


Palestinian Water Authority (PWA)

Deputy: the Netherlands
Technical Advisor: World Bank
Donors: Austria, Office of the European Union Representative (EUREP), France, Japan, Sweden, the Netherlands, United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
UN Agencies: UNICEF, UNOPS, Office of the Quartet, UNRWA
Government institutions: MoFP, MoLG, PENRA, EQA, MoA

Private Sector: Pal Solar


Secretariat: Local Aid Coordination Secretariat (LACS)