Local Development Forum

Energy Sector Working Group (Energy SWG)

The main purpose of the Energy SWG is to act as a forum for information-sharing and coordination on energy related issues between donors and the PA (PENRA). The work is guided by the Energy Sector Strategic Plan (2017-2022), and relevant plans within the framework of the National Policy Agenda 2017-2022.

The key functions of the Energy SWG are as follows:


·         assist donors in aligning assistance in relation to national plans and strategies for the sector;

·         support the development and updating of sector strategies within the framework of national plans and budgets;

·         coordinate and harmonize donor assistance to prevent duplication;

·         carry out coordinated and strategic dialogue with the purpose of identifying PA priorities and the readiness/availability of the donor community to fund related programmes;

·         function as the main source of information for needs and achievements, donor funding and gaps;


Membership in the group is limited to relevant donors, civil society and private sector representatives who can add substantial financial or analytical value, as well as relevant PA institutions.



Deputy: Norway
Technical Advisor: World Bank

Donors: Italy, EUREP, Japan, Netherlands, France, USA, Turkey, Czech Republic

Government institutions: Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Ministry of Finance and Planning (MoFP), Ministry of Local Government (MoLG), Palestine Water Authority (PWA), Palestine Investment Fund (PIF), Palestine Electric Transmission Company (PETL)
Private Sector: PAL SOLAR

Civil Society: The Applied Research Institute (ARIJ)
Secretariat: Local Aid Coordination Secretariat (LACS)