Local Development Forum
The Donor Advisory Group (DAG) - Heads of Corporation (HoCs)

The Donor Advisory Group (DAG) - Heads of Corporation (HoCs)

DAG - Heads of Corporation (HoCs) will be chaired by a representative of the PMO, with participation of a representative of MoFP and the Heads of Cooperation of the 12 development partner agencies as specified above. The HoC of the EU Representative Office will be the deputy chair of the DAG HoCs, with responsibility to assist the chair in achieving the set objectives for the group and with a special responsibility for coordination and information sharing on the donor/international side.

There shall be regular communication between the chair and deputy chair on all matters related to the group’s work.

The objectives of the group are as follows:

  1. to review progress on development in Palestine, with particular emphasis on the priorities of the NPA

  2. to discuss and recommend to the Palestinian Government possible revisions of the NPA at least once a year;

  3. to monitor the work of the Working Groups', reviewing groups’ progress reports and assuring sectoral coordination;

  4. identifying and developing approaches to address issues of a multi-sectoral, strategic character that cut across the work of multiple working groups; and

  5. to discuss whether specific issues should be lifted to the DAG HoMs.

The group will meet at least every quarter. Each participating institution would send only one representative to any DAG meeting. The DAG HoCs will replace the existing four Strategic Groups.