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 Aid Harmonisation Documents.
UN - United Nations Development Assistance Framework State of Palestine 2018-2022
02/08/2017 Quartet1 Download
Aid Coordination Structure in the State of Palestine, June 2013
25/11/2013 Download
Matrix on membership in aid coordination structure – June 2013
25/11/2013 Download
Initial Stocktaking Analysis of the SDGs e‐Inventory: Visions for Global Goals June 2013
18/07/2013 Download
UN - The Millennium Development Goals Report, 2013
01/07/2013 Download
CIVICUS – State of Civil Society 2013: Creating an enabling environment, May 2013
13/05/2013 Download
MoPAD - Results of the 2010 Paris Declaration Monitoring Survey for the oPt
30/09/2012 Download
Busan Partnership for effective Development Cooperation Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness, Busan, Republic of Korea
01/12/2011 Download
The Evaluation of the Paris Declaration – Phase 2 – Final Report, May 2011
20/06/2011 Download
OECD - 2011 Report on International Engagement in Fragile States: Can’t we do better?
01/01/2011 Download
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